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Our snipping tool software uses the newest way to take a screenshot or record what's happening on your PC screen. Just click 2 mouse buttons. It’s easy to use!

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2-in-1 snipping tool software: take screenshots or recordings

No more searching for two separate snipping tool apps for screenshots and screen recording. Screenpixel, the best free screen capture app, will help you take a screenshot or record a video and share it with anyone. Select the whole screen or a specific area with the best screenshot app on Windows PC.

Capture and record
your screen in 1 click

Direct link
to the file

snapshot editor

Free to use
and no card required

Screen recording

Need more than just screenshots? Use the best free snipping tool program to record what’s happening on your screen with your voice or the system’s sound.

Just press two mouse buttons, highlight the required area, and screen recording will start. The process is quick and simple.

Use your mouse

No need to memorize keyboard shortcuts to take

screenshot or start screen recording.

Simply click the two mouse buttons to activate

the snipping tool app or set up other familiar shortcuts.

Click 2 mouse buttons to take a screenshot on PC.

Snapshot editor

More than five editing tools are available. Select an area and edit it.

If you’ve selected the wrong area, no problem—you can easily

move and/or resize it without losing previous changes!

Choose a color and
draw with a pencil

Use an arrow, a line
or a square to select it

a comment

the area you want

Screenpixel - Features for everyday life


Exchange ideas

When you need to show something important to a colleague, contractor, or customer, utilizing a snipping tool software can be incredibly effective. You can take a screenshot or snip and then comment on it to convey your message clearly.


Screen capture software like Screenpixel is perfect for these situations, especially when a more detailed explanation is required. Not only does it allow you to capture your screen, but you can also add your voice-over audio, making it the best free screen capture option for comprehensive communication.


Create instructions

Need to present information visually? With the best free screen capture software at your disposal, creating specific, step-by-step instructions has never been easier. Add comments and visual markers to your screenshots or screen captures when needed to make your instructions crystal clear.


Screen capture programs like Screenpixel let you share a screenshot or recording with a direct link saved to the clipboard, streamlining the process of distributing your visual guides.


Give feedback

Encountering an error while using your app, website, or service can be frustrating. Quickly addressing these issues is crucial, and that’s where a reliable screen capture program comes into play. Use the snipping tool software to send a screenshot of the issue directly to Technical Support. This immediate visual feedback can help them understand and solve the problem faster than traditional bug reporting methods.


By leveraging screen capture software, you can enhance communication, clarify instructions, and provide quick feedback, making it an essential tool for today’s digital age.

How to use Screenpixel
to take a screenshot or video

Step 1.

Download the best free snipping tool app into your PC or laptop.

Step 2.

Start Screenpixel: The software runs in the background.

Step 3.

Take a screenshot and enjoy both speed and convenience.

Screenpixel is the best fre snipping tool software for everyone who works online

Free software for Windows

Coordinate on projects, show interesting things, and discuss any topic. Share your comments with this free 2-in-1 tool for taking screenshots and videos on Windows.

Our screen capture app provides over 10 screen capture features

Free use
of all
basic features

number of screenshots
and recordings

Files are stored
for up to 1 year -
you can delete them
at any time


Do I have to pay for the snipping tool program?
No, you don't have to. All basic features of the program are available free of charge.
How can I quickly take a screenshot or record on my PC?
Press two mouse buttons at the same time to quickly take a screenshot. To record the screen, press CTRL + two mouse buttons.
What platforms is Screenpixel available for?
Screenpixel is available for Windows only, but a macOS version will be released at a later date.
What's the difference between Screenpixel and other screen capture apps?
The main advantage is the 2-in-1 tool. You can take a screenshot or record a video with sound in one click: with a click of both mouse buttons or a shortcut.
Where are screenshots and recordings saved?
In the settings, you can specify where to save screenshots and screen recordings. By default, they are saved to local storage on your computer. You can also have the file sent to a server. As soon as you take a screenshot or record a video, a link is created that you can share with anyone.
Can I delete files from the server in a couple of clicks?
Yes, you can. You need to use the generated link, enter your User ID (you can copy it in the settings), and confirm deletion. It's convenient because you don't need to create an account for it.

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