Audio Not Working in Screen Recording: Sound Fix
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Audio Not Working in Screen Recording: Sound Fix

Have you ever faced the perplexing issue of audio not working in your screen recordings on Windows? It’s a scenario that many find themselves in—recording an essential meeting, capturing a critical bug for reporting, or creating an instructional tutorial, only to realize the recording lacks sound.

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In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the common reasons behind audio not working in screen recordings and will present several solutions to ensure your screen recordings are fully immersive and engaging.

Table of Methods

Before we dive into the solutions to remedy your screen record sound not working, here’s a quick overview of the fixes we’ll be discussing:

  1. Update Windows Drivers

  2. Run Audio Troubleshooter

  3. Use Screenpixel (Recommended)

  4. Enable Audio Recording

  5. Clean Boot the PC

With these methods, we aim to cover a broad spectrum of solutions from basic troubleshooting to utilizing specific tools like Screenpixel for optimal results.

Why Does the Screen Recording Have No Audio?

The screen record sound not working can be attributed to several factors – some lying on the surface, while others lurk a bit deeper within your system’s settings and configurations. Here are the usual suspects of audio not working in screen recording:

  • System Settings Misconfiguration: Sometimes, the issue is just a toggle away, hidden within your system's audio settings.

  • Outdated Drivers: Audio and graphics drivers that haven't been updated in a while can lead to compatibility issues, affecting your recording's sound.

  • Software Limitations: Not all screen recording tools are created equal. Some might lack the capability to record audio or require additional settings adjustments.

Understanding these common causes can guide us in troubleshooting and fixing the issue effectively.

How to Fix a Screen Recording No Sound on Windows?

Fix 1: Update Windows Drivers

Drivers are the bridge between your system's hardware and software. Ensuring they are up-to-date is crucial for smooth functionality. To update your Windows drivers:

  • Navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

Settings in Start Menu
Settings in Start Menu
Update & Security section in Windows Settings
Update & Security section in Windows Settings
Troubleshoot section in Update & Security section in Update & Security Settings
Troubleshoot section in Update & Security section in Update & Security Settings
    • Click Check for updates. If updates are available, install them.

    • For specific audio and graphics drivers, visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest versions.

    Fix 2: Run Audio Troubleshooter

    Windows comes equipped with a built-in troubleshooter designed to fix common audio problems:

    • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.

    • Select Additional troubleshooters > Playing Audio > Run the troubleshooter.

    Additional Troubleshoot button in Troubleshoot section
    Additional Troubleshoot button in Troubleshoot section
    Playing Audio Troubleshooter
    Playing Audio Troubleshooter
      • Follow the on-screen instructions to detect and resolve any issues.

      Fix 3: Use Screenpixel (Recommended)

      Forget about memorizing complex keyboard shortcuts. Screenpixel activates with just two mouse buttons, making it incredibly straightforward to use. Want to record what's happening on your screen along with your voice or system sounds? Screenpixel has got you covered. Here's how to use it:

      • Download and Install: Grab the free Screenpixel app for your Windows PC or laptop.

      Free download
      Windows 7/8/10/11
      • Start Screenpixel: The software runs quietly in the background, ready whenever you are.

      • Capture or Record: To take a screenshot, press two mouse buttons simultaneously. For screen recording, press CTRL + two mouse buttons. Highlight the area you wish to capture or record, and you're set!

      One of Screenpixel’s standout features is its ability to generate a direct link to your captures and recordings instantly. After taking a screenshot or finishing a recording, simply press Enter. The link to your file is automatically copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared with colleagues, clients, or friends. This functionality ensures that your files are easily accessible, stored for up to one year, and can be deleted at any time for privacy. Never worry about your audio not working in screen recording with the help of Screenpixel!

      Why Screenpixel Stands Out

      • 2-in-1 Functionality: Eliminates the need for separate tools for screenshots and video recordings.

      • Ease of Use: Intuitive design activated with simple mouse clicks or familiar shortcuts.

      • Direct Sharing: Instantly generates shareable links for quick collaboration.

      • Free and Convenient: No cost for basic features, with unlimited screenshots and recordings.

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      Fix 4: Enable Audio Recording

      To ensure your recordings capture audio, check the recording settings:

      • Right-click the sound icon in your taskbar and select Sounds.

      Sounds Settings in Taskbar
      Sounds Settings in Taskbar
      • Go to the Recording tab, ensure your microphone is enabled and set as the default device.

      Recording tab in Sounds Settings
      Recording tab in Sounds Settings
      • In your recording software, verify that audio recording is enabled.

      Fix 5: Clean Boot the PC

      Interfering applications can sometimes prevent audio from being recorded. Performing a clean boot can help identify the culprit:

      • Press Windows + R, type msconfig, and press Enter.

      Run a Command window
      Run a Command window
      • In the System Configuration, select Selective startup and uncheck Load startup items.

      Selective Startup tab in System Configuration Settings
      Selective Startup tab in System Configuration Settings
      • Go to the Services tab, check Hide all Microsoft services, and click Disable all.

      Services tab in System Configuration Settings
      Services tab in System Configuration Settings
      • Restart your PC and attempt a screen recording to test the audio.

      By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and potentially solve the issue of no audio in your screen recordings, making your content complete with both visuals and sound.


      In the realm of digital communication, especially for professionals like project managers, web developers, and freelancers, the efficacy of screen recordings hinges not just on visual clarity but equally on audible precision. The frustration of audio not working in screen recordings can be a significant setback. This is where understanding the root of audio issues in screen recordings and knowing how to fix them becomes invaluable.

      We’ve navigated through several methods to address these sound dilemmas, from updating drivers to tweaking system settings. However, when it comes to a reliable, quick-fix solution, Screenpixel shines as a beacon of efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and swift installation process ensure that your screen recordings are equipped with high-quality audio, making your communications seamless and impactful.


      • Why is there no sound in my screen recording?
        Screen record sound not working can often be traced back to a few common issues: misconfigured audio settings, outdated or faulty drivers, or restrictions within the recording software itself. Start by checking your system's sound settings, ensuring your audio devices are correctly configured and operational. Updating your drivers and ensuring your recording software has permission to access your microphone can also resolve the issue.
      • Where are the audio settings for screen recording?
        Finding and adjusting the audio settings for screen recording can vary depending on your operating system and the software you're using. For Windows users:

        ● Right-click the sound icon on your taskbar and select Open Sound settings.

        ● Scroll to the Input section to manage microphone settings and ensure the correct device is selected and active. For adjustments within recording software, look for preferences or settings menus where audio input options are typically listed. Ensure the software is set to capture audio from the correct source.

      Thank you for choosing Screenpixel
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