How To Screenshot On HP Envy X360
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How To Screenshot On HP Envy X360

This guide will show you how to screenshot on HP Envy X360.

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In today’s digital age, taking a screenshot has become a fundamental skill, whether for work or personal use. The HP Envy X360, a versatile device, offers multiple ways to capture your screen. This article delves into these methods, including traditional keyboard shortcuts, the Snipping Tool, the Xbox Game Bar, and Screenpixel. Each method is explained in detail, helping you choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Method 1: How to Screenshot on HP Envy X360 via Screenpixel

Taking a screenshot with Screenpixel on your HP Envy X360 is a streamlined process, offering more than just basic capture functionality:

  • Download Screenpixel: Visit the Screenpixel website and click on the "Free Download" button. The website will guide you through the process, which is straightforward and quick.

Free download
Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Install Screenpixel: Once downloaded, open the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install Screenpixel on your HP Envy X360.

  • Launch Screenpixel: Open Screenpixel on your HP Envy X360 – it will run quietly in the background once launched. Its intuitive interface is designed for easy navigation and quick access to screenshot features.

  • Initiate Screenshot: To start the capture, use the simple two-mouse-button click method unique to Screenpixel or a customized key combination, making the process swift and user-friendly.

  • Flexible Selection: Screenpixel provides versatile options – capture your entire screen, a specific window, or precisely select a custom area using your mouse. This flexibility is ideal for various professional needs.

  • Capture and Edit: After selecting the area, Screenpixel captures the screenshot, allowing immediate editing. You can adjust the selected area, annotate, or apply various editing tools without losing your initial capture.

  • Instant Sharing: Once edited, Screenpixel enables you to quickly get a shareable link to your screenshot. Press Enter, and the link to your file is instantly ready on your clipboard for sharing.

  • Convenient File Access: The last five screenshots are stored in history, and all files are saved for one year, offering convenient access and management of your captures.

This method, particularly with its direct link generation and editing features, is beneficial for those requiring efficient capture and distribution of screenshots in professional environments. Screenpixel elevates the screenshot process on your HP Envy X360, making it more than just a capture tool but a comprehensive solution for screen capture and sharing needs.
For more details and to experience Screenpixel’s capabilities, visit Screenpixel.

Method 2: Screenshot on HP Envy X360 via Shortcuts

Capturing a screenshot on the HP Envy X360 using keyboard shortcuts is a more traditional method. While Screenpixel offers a more streamlined experience, it’s still useful to know these basic steps:

  • Full Screen Capture: Press the PrtScn (Print Screen) key to capture the entire screen. This action copies the screenshot to your clipboard.

Print Screen key on HP Envy X360 Laptop
Print Screen key on HP Envy X360 Laptop
  • Active Window Capture: For capturing just the active window, press Alt + PrtScn. This shortcut also copies the image to your clipboard.

Alt and Print Screen keys on HP Envy X360 Laptop
Alt and Print Screen keys on HP Envy X360 Laptop
  • Direct Save: If you want to save the screenshot directly without copying it, use Windows + PrtScn. Your screen will dim briefly, indicating a successful capture. The screenshot is automatically saved in the Pictures library, under the Screenshots folder.

Windows and Print Screen keys on HP Envy X360 Laptop
Windows and Print Screen keys on HP Envy X360 Laptop
  • Accessing Clipboard: Once captured, you can paste the screenshot (from the clipboard) into any image editing software, document, or email for further use.

These steps, while straightforward, lack the nuanced control and additional features provided by a dedicated tool. Especially in professional settings, the extra steps required to manage and edit screenshots using these traditional methods can be less efficient compared to the streamlined process offered by specialized software.

Method 3: Screenshot on HP Envy X360 with Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is a built-in Windows feature that allows for more detailed screenshot capabilities:

  • Opening the Snipping Tool: Search for the Snipping Tool through the Windows search bar and open it.

Snipping Tool shortcut in the Search Bar on HP Envy X360
Snipping Tool shortcut in the Search Bar on HP Envy X360
  • Choosing the Snip Type: Click on New and select the type of snip you need, such as a full-screen snip, window snip, rectangular snip, or free-form snip.

  • Capturing the Screenshot: Once you select the snip type, your screen will freeze, allowing you to create the snip. Click and drag your mouse over the area you want to capture.

  • Editing and Saving: After capturing, the Snipping Tool opens an editing window. Here, you can annotate the snip if needed. Save the screenshot by clicking the save button or copying it to the clipboard.

The Snipping Tool offers more versatility compared to basic keyboard shortcuts, but it still lacks the integrated ease and advanced features of specialized software. For those who require more than just simple screen captures, a dedicated tool might be more beneficial.

Method 4: Take Screenshots on HP Envy X360 using Xbox Game Bar

  • Activating Xbox Game Bar: Press Windows + G to open the Xbox Game Bar. This is designed for gaming, but can be used for screenshots too.

  • Using the Capture Tool: Within the Game Bar, you'll find a capture tool for taking screenshots. It’s typically symbolized by a camera icon.

  • Capturing the Screen: Click on the camera icon to take a screenshot. By default, it captures the entire screen.

  • Finding Your Screenshot: Screenshots taken with the Xbox Game Bar are saved in the Videos library, inside the Captures folder.

This method is convenient for gamers or those already using the Game Bar for other purposes, but might not offer the same level of convenience and functionality for professional or frequent use as specialized tools.

Table of Comparison

Feature Screenpixel Keyboard shortcuts Snipping tool Xbox Game Bar
User interface User-friendly, intuitive None Simple, functional Game-focused
Area selection Flexible, custom selection Full screen, active window Customizable Full screen
Editing capabilities Advanced, immediate editing None Basic editing Limited
Sharing options Direct link generation Manual Manual Manual
Additional functionalities

Editing tools, history access

None Delayed snip, various modes Integrated with gaming features
Ease of use One-click functionality Key combinations Multi-step process Multi-step, gaming-centric
Target audience Professionals, diverse users General, quick use General, more control Gamers, casual use


The comparative table provides a clear overview of the advantages and disadvantages of various screenshot programs available for HP Envy X360 users. It highlights the different features and functionalities, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and usage preferences.


Now you know how to screenshot on HP Envy X360. To recap, capturing a screenshot on your HP Envy X360 can be accomplished through various methods, each with its own merits. Whether you use the straightforward approach of keyboard shortcuts, the versatile Snipping Tool, or the gamer-friendly Xbox Game Bar, there’s a solution for every need.


However, for a seamless and efficient experience, especially for professionals, Screenpixel stands out. It combines ease of use with powerful functionality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their screenshot capabilities on the HP Envy X360.


  • How to screenshot on HP Envy X360?
    You can use keyboard shortcuts like PrtScn (captures entire screen), Alt + PrtScn (captures active window), or Windows + PrtScn (saves the screenshot directly to your Pictures folder). The Snipping Tool and Xbox Game Bar offer more advanced features, such as selecting specific screenshot types and easy access to editing tools. Using Screenpixel, you can press Ctrl+C to quickly copy the screenshot without needing to save it first.
  • Where do screenshots go on an HP Envy X360?
    The location of your screenshots depends on the method used. For keyboard shortcuts without a direct save function, screenshots are copied to the clipboard and need to be pasted into an image editor or document to be saved. Using Windows + PrtScn saves screenshots automatically in the Pictures library under the Screenshots folder. The Xbox Game Bar saves screenshots in the 'Captures' folder within the Videos library.
  • Where is the Print Screen Key on the HP Envy X360?
    The Print Screen key, labeled as PrtScn, is located in the upper row of the keyboard. It might be combined with another function key and activated by using the Fn (Function) key. This key is integral for various screenshot methods, allowing you to capture different parts of your screen depending on the combination used.
  • Can I edit screenshots directly on my HP Envy X360?
    Yes, you can edit screenshots directly on your HP Envy X360. The Snipping Tool and Xbox Game Bar provide basic editing features like cropping and annotations.
  • How can I quickly share screenshots taken on my HP Envy X360?
    For fast sharing, Screenpixel provides a unique feature where pressing Enter generates a short link to the screenshot, allowing for immediate access and sharing without additional steps. This is in addition to the sharing features of the Xbox Game Bar and the Snipping Tool, along with traditional methods of attaching screenshots to emails or messages.

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