How to Capture, Record & Save Video Clips on PC
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Parker Hansen
Parker Hansen

How to Capture, Record & Save Video Clips on PC

Are you searching for ways on how to clip stuff on PC? There are numerous reasons to record and save video clips on a PC. Most users prefer to skim through clips over long videos. Video clips from extended screen recordings, such as games, movies, and tutorials, are great short-form content that should be captured and shared.

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There are various options available, both subscription-based and free, for creating a clip on PC via built-in and third-party screen recording tools. Selecting the right method on how to clip a video on PC depends on your recording needs, preferences, and compatibility.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of how to record clips on PC using three different methods.

Nvidia Graphics Card
Xbox Game Bar
Web/App Functionalities
Windows 10/11 Build-in
User-friendly interface

Editing and Customizing
GeForce Experience

Nvidia Share or ShadowPlay
Game Bar Widget
Select the Screen Area
Supports Full-Screen/Window Modes
Full-Screen/Window Modes
Only Full Screen
Full-Screen/Window Modes
Saving Location
Locally on PC

Auto-generated sharable link
Default Video Folder
Default Video Folder

Method 1: How to Clip Something on PC with Screenpixel

Screenpixel is a perfect online tool to record clips on PC. It features a user-friendly interface that is tailored for everyone who works with a Windows computer. The tool offers comprehensive solutions for editing and customizing a recording on any area of the PC screen at different window modes. The process is easy and straightforward.

Here is how to clip something on PC using Screenpixel:

  • Quickly download and install the app on your PC.

Free download
Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Launch the app. The software is always running in the background of the video you want to record and displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • Press Ctrl + two mouse buttons at the same time, use the cross to drag and select the part of your screen you intend to record, and then the screen recording will start.

  • You can edit and customize your recording using the video recorder settings. Edit audio by turning the microphone on or off or add notes by clicking the pencil icon.

  • Once done, click on the Save icon. The clip will automatically save locally and also upload to the cloud. You will get a short link that copies to the clipboard and allows sharing.

Method 2: How to Make a Clip on PC with Nvidia Graphics Card

Looking to know how to clip on PC with Nvidia Graphics Cards? You can leverage this hardware to record and share your PC screen seamlessly. Nvidia Share or ShadowPlay are utility features of Nvidia Graphics Cards that offer these capabilities. The recording result is real-time because it uses a default in-game overlay that allows you to capture moments on your PC screen instantly after they occur.

Follow the simple steps below on how to capture clips on PC with a Nvidia Graphic Card:

  • Install the Nvidia GeForce Experience software. Note that Nvidia solely supports the recording of clips via GeForce Experience. The software features tools for instant recording, video optimization, and driver updates.

  • Launch the GeForce Experience software on your PC. You can find it by searching in the start menu or pressing Alt + Z hotkeys.

GeForce Experience keyboard shortcut
GeForce Experience keyboard shortcut
  • If the in-game overlay in the app is disabled, you cannot access Nvidia features for recording and sharing your video. You are required to turn on the GeForce overly and make some configurations. Here is how: Click the Settings gear icon at the top-right corner.

  • Select General in the left panel to access the in-game overlay. Toggle the switch to the right to turn on In-Game Overlay, allowing you to access various Nvidia features quickly. This will enable you to record video clips.

  • Select Settings directly below the in-game overlay toggle to make configurations before starting the recording. This allows you to tap into the GeForce graphical capabilities based on personal preferences. You can select the location where you want to save the clip, as well as adjust the quality and size of the clip, including 60FPS at up to 4k for windowed modes and full screen.

  • Navigate to Privacy Control to enable Desktop Capture. This feature lets you set up clip-recording and support desktop capture in GeForce Experience for unsupported games. However, this feature solely functions in full-screen mode.

  • Now, you can record, save, and share your video clip without leaving the game. Click Record and Start. To end the recording, return and click Record and then select the Stop and Save option. Alternatively, press Alt + F9 to toggle recording on/off and save your clip manually. You can also upload the clip directly to social media platforms.

GeForce Experience keyboard shortcut for toggling recording on/off
GeForce Experience keyboard shortcut for toggling recording on/off

Method 3: How to Record a Clip on PC with Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is an intuitive tool embedded in Windows 10/11, allowing you to effortlessly capture clips on PC screen. The Xbox Game Bar was made for recording video game clips, but it has gained popularity for capturing any video. You can record your favorite video clip with just a few hotkey strokes.

The steps below teach you how to clip on PC with Xbox Game Bar:

  • Run the video game window you want to clip.

  • Press Windows + G on your keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar. The Xbox Game Bar widget will appear as an overlay directly at the top of your PC screen while your game is running.

Xbox Game Bar keyboard shortcut
Xbox Game Bar keyboard shortcut
  • If running the PC game in full-screen mode, press Windows + Alt + G to start and end the recording.

Xbox Game Bar keyboard shortcut to start and stop recordings
  • If running the PC game in other window modes, use the circle icon at the Game Bar widget to start and end the recording.

  • Retrieve your clip in the default folder for your video saving.

Now you know how to record and save a video clip on PC. For most PC users, knowing between the right tool and learning the crucial steps on how to clip on PC is a vital skill. Selecting the method that suits your needs comes down to personal needs and preferences. Even without Nvidia Graphics Card plug-in or Windows 10 or 11, Screenpixel is an excellent choice with cutting-edge features that serve all-level users. Just access the tool and start your screen recording process in a single click without the unnecessary burden of installing third-party apps or fixing in-build tools.


  • How do I clip different stuff on PC?
    Fortunately, this article teaches how to clip stuff on PC using different methods, including Screenpixel, Nvidia Graphics Card, Xbox Game Bar. Whether you are searching for quality, size, or different window modes, the methods offer innovative clip-recording solutions that every PC user should consider.
  • How do I get a clip with audio on a computer?
    You can get a clip with audio on your computer by properly configuring your audio settings and enabling the microphone or system before you resume your screen recording. This will ensure that your clip features audio by default when saved on your computer.
  • How to save a captured video clip?
    Screenpixel’s save button allows you to save your clip locally within your PC and also to upload it to the cloud. A video clip captured using Xbox Game Bar is directly saved within your user folder by default, mostly as an MP4 File (.mp4). A video clip captured using Nvidia GeForce Experience is also saved by default within your video folder, as well as generates a link that allows you to copy and share your clip directly to social media platforms.
  • How to clip on PC without Nvidia Shadowplay?
    If your PC is not equipped with Nvidia Graphics Cards that support Nvidia Shadowplay, you need not worry. Screenpixel is a widely used tool that helps the emerging trend of online users record clips on PC via the web. Alternatively, if your PC is installed with Windows 10/11, you can take advantage of the Xbox Game Bar to clip on the PC.
  • What is the fastest way to capture a clip on PC?
    The fastest way on how to record clips on PC is to either use Screenpixel or The Xbox Game Bar. Screenpixel allows you to record your screen in just one click. All you need to do is press two mouse buttons, select a part of your screen, and start recording. Alternatively, you can load up an active window of a game or video you want to capture and press Windows + G shortcuts to open the Xbox Game Bar. The Xbox Game Bar widget will be displayed as an overlay of your running video, allowing you to capture a clip on PC instantly.

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